How To Play Drums

Your Complete Beginners Guide

Welcome to Beginner Drums! A site dedicated to helping you to get started on the drum kit. We’re going to take things nice and slowly from the very beginning so have a read...

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How to Read Drum Music

How to Read Drum Music

Being able to read drum music is as important as being able to read a book – it opens up a world of possibilities for learning. Get started on reading drum kit music here!

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Drum Kit Glossary

Drum Kit Glossary

If you don’t know your memory locks from your tension rods, you will find here a complete Beginner Drums drum kit glossary. From back beats and off beats to ride cymbals and snare strainers – you’ll find it all here!

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Parents’ Guide to Drums

Parents’ Guide to Drums

The drum kit is a wonderful and challenging instrument – if your child is thinking of learning drums this site is a great starting point for you! I mean, they could have picked flute?

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Wow, what an amazing resource!

Bobby, Michigan, USA

Seriously, love your teaching style! This is the BEST resource I’ve found on the net so far for beginners on the drum kit!

Best Beginner Site I’ve Found

Loretta, Germany

There are some great sites out there but this is by far the best beginner site I’ve found. You make everything simple to understand and I am finally making good progress! Please translate to German!

Great for Beginners on Drums

Michael, California, USA

The best beginner drum site I’ve found! Love the exercises and videos – subscribed! Thank you so much – keep up the good work!

Perfect for Beginner Drummers!

Savan, India

Thank you so much for all the exercises and videos – we can’t find a drum teacher where we live so this has been invaluable for us.

Great drumming site – thank you!

Joanne, UK

As a beginner to the drums it’s always been hard to find lessons and exercises for my level of playing. ┬áThis has everything I need – thank you!