Top 10 Drum Gift Ideas in the US for 2018!

Do you need some drum gift ideas? Is your other half a drummer? Perhaps you have a family member who plays the drums but you have no clue what to get them? Here are a few awesome drumming gifts you might not have thought of!

If you’re looking for drumming gift ideas and you’re in the UK visit this page instead.

#1 – Vic Firth Practice Tips

Vic Firth practice tips are fantastic for any drummer – they slip over the end of drum sticks and boom – you can practice anywhere! If they already have some it doesn’t matter ’cause you can never have too many pairs of these!  You can practice on any solid surface without the need for a practice pad. Especially great for taking on holiday! Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#2 – DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner

Widely regarded as the best drum tuning gadget on the planet, you can tune drums accurately and evenly with this device. Plus you can tune them silently without having to tap the drums! Great for a quick re-tune between songs without looking unprofessional. Tune to a particular pitch – an awesome tool for any drummer. Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#3 – Moongel Damper Pads

Moongel pads are another one of those things a drummer can never have too many of! They get lost, they get dirty and they get stuck on band members. These are self adhesive gel pads to eliminate unwanted resonance from drums. Washable and re-useable – great whether they play live or in the studio. Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#4 – I Destroy Silence Drummer T-Shirt

Drummers aren’t known for being quiet – here’s an “I Destroy Silence” T-shirt. Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#5 – Drum Stick Pencils

Every drummer loves to tap on the desk while they’re working and EVERYONE loves to hear them! Make their lives easier by getting them some pencils shaped like drum sticks. Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#6 – In My Head I’m Playing Drums T-Shirt

You know how drummers are really good at pretending to listen to you but in their heads they’re working out the fill to their favourite song? This. Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#7 – Metal Earth Mini Model Drum Set

Gutted I couldn’t find the Foo Fighters mini-drum set in the US (see the UK list). Anyway, this is still pretty awesome. If the drummer in your life also likes a bit of model making they’ll love this – assembly required and difficulty level is moderate! Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#8 – Keep Calm and Play Drums Mug

You know the whole ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ stuff? It’s like that, but with drums. Love it! Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#9 – Drum Stick Spoons

Now your loved one can even tap away while cooking dinner! You never have to go a single moment without hearing paradiddles and double strokes! Everyone needs a set of drum stick spoons. Click here to buy from Amazon US.

#10 – LED Drummer Night Light Gift

Finally, here’s an awesome LED night light with a 3D optical illusion drum kit built in to it! Now the last thing they see before going to sleep won’t be your face – it will be a drum kit! Click here to buy from Amazon US.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

There you go! Remember if you’re in the UK visit this page instead. I can only apologise for any increased tapping or banging as a result of buying this stuff – they’ll love you all the more for it though! As usual these are affiliate links and don’t cost you a penny but help to keep this site alive so thank you for your awesome support. You can read more about affiliate links here.