Grade 1 Exercises

Grade 1 Warmup Exercises (Hands) – G1002

These warmup exercises make use of all the Grade 1 rudiments (hands only). We also do some ‘double stops’ which means you play both hands at the same time – in this case on the snare drum. Work through the whole sheet using a metronome – start at 100bpm and work on building this up to 120bpm. If you play the whole sheet (including repeats) 10 times that gives you a nice 5 minute warmup for your hands.

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Grade 1 Warmup Exercises (Feet) – G1002b

It’s time to give your feet a warmup! You’ll see in this set of exercises we’re playing rudiments using the feet. Again, practice to a metronome and start slowly – around 60-80bpm, build up to the target speed of 100bpm working on keeping your feet in perfect time with the click. At this stage you can play heels down or heels up – whatever feels most comfortable. Most drummers start playing heel down and gradually introduce heel up drumming as their playing develops. Repeat the whole page 8 times and that gives you a 5 minute warmup for the feet.

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Introducing Accents – G1003

Accents simply mean hitting the drum slightly harder and are marked with a Accent symbol above the note. Work through all of these exercises using alternate sticking on the snare drum (R L R L …).

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Grade 1 Beat Exercises – ‘Beats Me’ – G1501

This is a short tune played on the drum kit. It makes use of several beats encountered in Grade 1 tunes and includes a variety of quaver-based fills. Watch out for the end of the 3rd line – at this point you would go back to the beginning and ignore the repeat on the second playing.

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