Grade 2 Exam Videos

In this section I’ve provided some sample performances of Grade 2 exam material. Even if you’re not planning on sitting a drum exam the material is excellent and worth working through. In Grade 2 you’re introduced to an additional 3 rudiments – Flams, Drags and the Four Stroke Ruff. These pieces give you a good basic understanding of how these rudiments can be applied around the kit. You’re also expected to know ALL the rudiments from Grade 1 and in the technical exercises these now get performed at a higher speed. For more information about Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit and what’s involved visit this page.

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Technical Exercises – Exercise no. 1

This is the first technical exercise – remember in the exam you only need to play two of the three technical exercises – you pick one and the examiner will pick the other (so you need to know all three).

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Technical Exercises – Exercise no. 2

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Technical Exercises – Exercise no. 3

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Manny’s Blues (Group A)

Here is the first performance of a Grade 2 ‘Group A’ piece. Group A pieces are performed along to the CD backing track and you need to pick any two Group A pieces to perform. You normally perform along to the version ‘with click’ from the CD – this version has no drums on and a background metronome click (cowbell) to help you keep time.

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Can You Hear Me? (Group A)

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Satin Doll (Group A)

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – What’s Up? (Group A)

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – Flats in Dagenham (Group B)

Here is the first ‘Group B’ piece – performed with and without a metronome click. Group B pieces are solo performances and in the exam you have no click as a reference so you need to learn it at the correct tempo and get used to playing it at that speed. Some students like to give themselves a count-in using the sticks to set the tempo – it’s fine to do this in the exam although don’t click your sticks at one tempo and then perform it at a different tempo!

Trinity Grade 2 Drum Kit – 21st Century Fox (Group B)

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