Drumming Essentials You Might Need (US Based)

Below is a list of drumming essentials I either use or would consider using. Hopefully this is of some help to get you started on the drums!

Drumming Essentials – Drum Sticks & Accessories

If you’re not sure what drum sticks to buy then you can go far wrong with a set of Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks – these are a great choice of sticks to get you started on the drum kit. Not too big and not too small – absolutely fine for most players aged around 8 and upwards to get started with.

You need a Drum Key and you might as well get a few of them because you WILL lose them and you’re stuffed without them! Here’s a 4 pack – 3 normal ones and one with an awesome winder hande.

You need somewhere to keep your drum sticks! This Meinl Drum Stick Bag is really useful for carrying your drum sticks and other bits & pieces around.

Acoustic Drum Sets

Now obviously a drum set is a BIG investment, not only financially but it’s a commitment in terms of practicing the drums, noise, space and a whole bunch of other stuff. You can read my guides here on acoustic vs electronic drum kits. Here are a few ideas of kits to get you started.

The Pearl Roadshow is a great complete 5-piece drum kit to help get you started on drums. A fantastic beginner kit and includes a crash / ride cymbal, hi-hats, stands, bass drum pedal and drum stool.

If you want to spend a bit more, the Tama Imperialstar is another fantastic starter drum set. Much better Meinl cymbals and a dedicated separate crash and ride cymbal.

Electronic Drum Sets

If you’re looking for a good all-round starter electronic drum set, the Alesis Nitro is definitely worth a look. It’s a 5-piece electronic drum set (e-kit) at a very reasonable price!

If you’re looking to go slightly more mid-range you can’t go far wrong with the Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit. The main draw back is that it has a remote hi-hat pedal (as opposed to a proper hi-hat stand). You’ll also need to buy a drum stool and a bass drum pedal.

The Yamaha DTX532K is a fantastic mid-range drum kit and the kit I normally recommended to my students. It’s a 5-piece electronic drum kit with a proper hi-hat stand.


Have a read of the buyers guides for electronic drum sets and acoustic drum sets on this site and hopefully that will help you with this decision. Drums are an awesome instrument though and sometimes you just need to go with your gut!

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